November 15/2021

Hot tub time just got even better. Here are a few fun hot tub games that will keep you and your guests entertained all night long.

Hot Tub Hockey

Using either a ping pong ball or floating ducky, try to make it touch the other team's side of the hot tub without touching it. Place the duck in the middle of the tub. Divide into two teams and each sit on opposing sides of the hot tub. On the count of three, each team must get the object to touch the other team’s wall to gain a point. Splashing, blowing, and general wave making is all fair play, but you cannot touch the object. The team that scores three points first is the champion and may impose a penalty on the losing team.


This version doesn't involve throwing the balls. Place 5 ping pong balls in the hot tub, and try to avoid being touched by any of them. It's harder than it sounds. Move where you like to avoid the balls – but your feet must stay on the bottom of the tub! Once a ball touches a player, he or she must get out of the hot tub. Looking for more of a challenge? Every time a player is out, another ball gets thrown in.


The game of Questions is simple, all conversation must be in the form of a question. For example, Player 1 could say, “Are you hungry?”; Player 2 may respond with, “What's for dinner?”; and Player 3 can ask, “Do you feel like pizza?” Every reply must be a question; no definitive statements may be made as the conversation progresses. If a player takes too long to answer a question or asks a rhetorical question, another player could call a foul and is awarded a point. Once a player reaches a predetermined number of points (the number varies and can be decided beforehand), he or she is declared the winner.

Musical Jets

You've heard of musical chairs, but this is in the hot tub. Play your choice of music through a waterproof speaker, and once the music stops, find a seat that has the jets running. As the game goes on, eliminate which seats can be chosen by turning off the jets (rotate the jet face) or having those who didn't find a seat in previous round occupy a seat, until only the champion remains.

If you have amazing ideas for hot tub games we would love to hear them!

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